Investing in myself by choosing to do personal training sessions with Karis has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me to achieve my physical ‘body’ goals, she has also supported & encouraged me with regards to changing my mind set and the relationship I have with myself. As a result of her support, encouragement & coaching, I am now more self loving, self accepting & self confidence. I have also developed my self esteem to enable me to believe more in both myself and my abilities. Karis truly is amazing at what she does and the way in which she does it; she has even managed to give me a boob and butt lift without the surgery!!!

~ Emma Fitzgerald

Thank you so much to you Karis for helping to motivate and inspire me and help me to finally start seeing some results. Thanks to our 1:1 sessions I now look forward to training and coming to the gym!! I’m feeling stronger and fitter and can’t wait to keep going and reach that goal of a visible ab or 3!


Karis somehow manages to make training sessions FUN! Highly recommend!

Georgina Fox

I started training with Karis in January 2016. My goal was to build up some muscle and overall tone up with main focus on the lower body, as I had lost quite a lot of weight previously. Karis is an excellent personal trainer, she has individual approach and friendly attitude towards everyone. Our sessions were always hard work but always with an element of fun. She is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Only after a month of training with Karis my overall strength and fitness improved and after three months training with her I have begun seeing results in my lower body which I was unable to achieve when training on my own. I have learnt a lot from Karis and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all my friends.

~ Anita

For the last 8 years I’ve struggled to be active, I couldn’t find the energy nor the motivation to go to the gym. I thought I didn’t need a personal trainer because I knew what to do, just needed to “force” myself to go to the gym.
However after speaking with Karis her story and struggle encouraged me to start. She made me enjoy working out, both with her and by myself; she showed me new exercises and different ways to use the machines that I would neve had thought and also she became a good friend and someone I really love to talk to in the end of the day.
After 5 months I lost 7kg and dropped 2 sizes and was able to fit in 2 dresses for weddings and look gorgeous in them. Most importantly even after a couple weeks of pause I went back to the gym and I feel determined to continue because Karis gives me the motivation and support I need.

Catarina Almeida

Karis has a great understanding for how to improve not only my fitness level but also mentally prepare me for a new healthier me!

Five stars all the way!

Jeanette Karlberg

Excellent first session where we talked about my goals and got started straight away with a plan of action to help me achieve them! Thank you Karis!

Aliona Klusina-Endriukaitiene

Karis is a fantastic personal trainer. I have been training with Karis for over 6 months now and immediately saw results and so did those around me.

Karis is great at pushing me to go one step further than i would on my own because she knows my abilities and strengths even when i don’t. Every training session for me is always different to the previous, therefore she is constantly challenging me and enabling me to progress. I have also now gained the confidence to use weights and do cardio on my own too. Through Karis’ constant support and motivation i am now more aware of my unhealthy eating habits and although this continues to be a big challenge for me i am improving my relationship with both food and my body thanks to her guidance, support and encouragement   .

Karis is also really flexible when sessions need to be rearranged and where possible will always try and accommodate you in her super busy schedule which is great due to my irregular working hours.

Thank you Karis for the effort and guidance you have given me to help me become more confidence within myself.

Debbie Simmons

Training with Karis is awesome, and every session is different. She is great at motivating you not only during the sessions but is always on hand to offer support. She also encourages you to try out different classes and keep you coming back to the gym 🙂
Irina Chemshirova 

I love Karis training me! Before training with Karis I couldn’t even do one sit up (and had no core strength whatsoever), now when I go to the gym and train with her, all I want to do is abs and bum training  because i can feel myself getting stronger and  can see my progress. It’s great! She makes me feel really good, pushes me when I need it and knows when to stop.
Honestly I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.
I love the way my body is turning out. I’m training and eating well. I’m nearly bikini body ready just after a few sessions !!!
I’m keeping lean as much as I can, when I’m not training with her by watching what i eat and doing some exercises at home. Karis has given me all the best advice, and I follow throughout. It’s working really well. Top personal trainer in my eyes!

Lucy Rebecca

I met Karis last December when I was feeling really bad about my body. She has been really supportive regarding my goals and objectives and gave me the motivation an d confidence to work towards them. She introduced me to different kinds of exercises and training techniques I would have never thought about practicing. At the end, I did not lost weight on the scales as i was replacing fat with lean muscle, therefore I lost a lot of volume and can  noticeably see a difference when I look back at the December pictures we took when we first started. I honestly feel happier, stronger and more confident within myself which is I guess everything we are looking for. Thanks to her and the results of her programs and exercises I found the motivation to continue and even more to improve my lifestyle.
If you have to get a trainer choose her!

Caro Malbezin

I joined the Pure GYM in Hammersmith when it opened in 2015. During this time I had the pleasure of meeting Karis and spent 5 weeks with her as my Personal Trainer. Karis mentored me and gave me the tools to take my workout to the next level by correcting my technique and providing me with exercises to support my goals and as a result I have since lost 10 kg!! I find Karis very professional and friendly at all times and always willing to give advise or help where is needed even when i am training by m myself. I personally recommend Karis as a personal trainer to anyone thinking of hiring one.

~Gian Chiudinelli.


I’ve joined several gyms in the past. I’ve signed up set up the direct debit then never gone. So why this time did i join a gym and actually go? I’m not really sure why this time it was different? Maybe i was fed up with how i felt. I’m not over weight, i eat quite healthy and while i’m no gym bunny, i’m not a total couch potato (OK maybe a little bit)

A little bit about myself (sorry if i’m being slightly self indulgent ). I left my last job because I was feeling overwhelmed with everything and a little stressed and a lot of anxiety issues. I was seeing my GP regularly at the time and was referred for CBT (congintive behavioral  therapy) for my anxiety. A lot of it was social and i didn’t want to go out and the thought of meeting new people filled me with total terror!  I have suffered from depression and anxiety off and on all my adult life.

Anyway  I decided yet again to join a gym I thought about it and changed my mind so many times.  I walked passed the gym almost daily and felt guilty for not joining but also terrified of joining. I kept thinking I’m not fit enough I can’t join a gym! (i guess the whole point of going to a gym is to get fit) but that argument was not going to convince me.

So eventually I made an appointment to visit the gym for a look around. This time I thought if I’m serious about going to the gym.  I’d need some help in maybe a personal trainer? I was recommended two PT’s, one was Karis. The reason i choose her was her business card said ‘Life begins outside your comfort zone’ . For me that was really how i felt. I wanted to get over my anxiety start have a life being comfortable being around new people.

I emailed Karis I explained my anxiety and she was really understanding and supportive. She even agreed to meet me for a coffee outside of the gym for our first meeting.

We met and i liked her instantly. She is warm & friendly which instantly put me at ease. I think we hit it off straight away and are on a similar wave length. I booked my first session at the gym with her the next day.

Knowing my anxiety about comping to the gym she met me by the door and took me in showed me around again. I came twice a week just for my hour with Karis. She supported and encouraged me throughout our sessions and helped me to develop my not only my fitness and strength but mostly my confidence. After just two months with Karis i had the confidence to start doing group training classes. My first was one Karis and again she met me first and took me to the class so i wouldn’t feel so nervous.

3 months on I’m still going to the gym which is definitely a world record for me. I go about 5 days a week sometimes twice a day. I even did a 5k run which Karis helped me train for (i don’t normally run for the bus). I’ve even made some friends and increased my social circle a little and decreased my anxiety around meeting new people. There is one particular girl who i meet outside the gym and go for coffee with sometimes.

I consider myself a bit of a wonderwomen. (a women who wonders do i look as ridiculous as I feel doing this workout) but actually it doesn’t really matter. The fact i’m coming to the gym is pretty amazing for me.

I think Karis has been a massive help to me.  She’s been both supportive and encouraging, she pushes me ( not too much that I can’t do it) but enough to stretch me, to enable me to progress and to  reach my full potential. She  support me in pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Karis is truly amazing!! I feel like she has become my friend, Personal Trainer and maybe even a mentor. I can’t praise or recommend her enough”.

~ Emma Franks

Karis has fantastic energy that motivates and supports me in achieving my fitness goals in the run up to my wedding. No diets and unrealistic restrictions just guidance on how to eat better and make small sustainable changes which really made all the difference. Karis provided me with the help, support and motivation I needed to get to where I am now. I look forward to my sessions with her.

Tania Burte

Karis has been amazing! Really helped boost my fitness level and achieve my goals of losing weight and toning up. She is also a good listener and really understood what I wanted to achieve. 5 stars definitely !

Margaux Erdmännchen