If personal training is something you don’t feel you are able to commit to financially at this time, however you still wish to benefit from the structure, knowledge and support personal training offers then a bespoke training program that you are able to follow independantly is for for.

I will do one initial 1:1 session with you in which I will structure your 1-4 week personalised workout program tailored to support your individual goals and current fitness level. You will then book just one session per month with me to monitor your progress , reassess your goals and add progression to your workout plan.

55add0b18406dInitial 1:1 Personal Training Session = £120 which includes:

  • A bespoke workout program to support your goals
  • Nutritional guidance.
  • A 11hr 1:1 personal training session. The focus of this session will be to demonstrate the correct techniques for each exercise and select the appropriate resistance levels for your current level of fitness & ability. This will be reviewed and modified according to ypur progression at the end of the initial 4wk period.
  • Ongoing support & motivation including weekly chek-ins to track and monitor progress and modify training plan where neccessary.

Follow up monthly 1:1 sessions = £60ph

You Can Also Purchase a Tailored Diet Plan To Support Your Goals & Training Program For An Additional £75