David Goggins is most known as being ‘The Toughest Man on The Planet’…In spirit, mind & body. By far one of the most inspirational interviews I’ve ever seen…

The great Les Brown! Not only one of my favourites, but one of the best motivational speakers in the world..

Meet Miraa May, the 21 year-old North London native, who’s intriguing personality and equally distinctive voice is a breath of a fresh air in today’s modern society.

Born in Algeria and raised in Tottenham, Miraa came to the UK as a young child with her parents, and quickly settled into life in N15. Growing up she gained a passion for music and all things creative.

Fast-forward to 2014, Miraa May released her long-awaited debut EP, ‘The Beginning’ which built her an incredible fan-base almost over night. With a silky plethora of breathy vocals swimming throughout, the R&B-soul infused EP dubbed Miraa as the UK’s answer to Jhene Aiko.
Ready to make her mark on the industry and leave tastemaker sites yearning for more, Miraa May’s N15 is just the beginning of an exciting, refreshing and unique career in 2017.

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